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Looking for the best Medical diagnostic lab in Anchampeedika?

Welcome to a new world of clinical certainty. Our facility implements best practices and quality standards, making us one of the most renowned diagnostic labs for the last 8 years. We hold a steadfast position of trust and respect for around 5.5 lakh patients and offer a vast bouquet of services. We do have highly qualified doctors, excellent services, and the best medical expertise. The imaging and laboratory services at Leo Clinical Diagnostic Centre LLP utilise cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding medical care, which makes us the best medical and scanning centre in North Kerala.

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Expertise & Experience

Leo Labs offers expertise and experience, providing precise diagnostics and superior patient care through an expert team.

Fast and Accurate Results

Leo Labs guarantees rapid, precise diagnostics, ensuring swift and accurate results for all your healthcare needs.

Safety Priority

At Leo Labs, safety is paramount, ensuring a secure environment for patients and staff alike, prioritizing health and well-being.

Personalized Health Insights

Leo Labs delivers personalized health insights based on comprehensive diagnostics, empowering informed decisions for optimal well-being.

The most recommended diagnostic lab since 2008

Leo Labs is known as the most recommended diagnostic medical lab in north Kerala, especially in the Malabar region.

We employ the latest
technology & expertise

Leo Clinical Diagnostic Centre LLP are focused towards attaining and maintaining the best laboratory standards. This objective is achieved by a selection of state of the art equipment’s managed by lead Consultant Pathologist and Consultant Clinical Microbiologist.Our team of qualified, well experienced and diligent professionals comprise of –

Leo Labs' Home Sample Collection

Be safe at home; we’ll collect your blood samples from your home or office. You can access the result on your mobile device.

NABH Accredited Diagnostic Lab

Build on accuracy, commitment, and trust since 2008

Through each phase of our growth, Leo Labs has remained dedicated to providing exceptional diagnostic services with a focus on quality, innovation, and patient care.
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For some tests it is not required. But most of the labs perform tests on the basis of doctor’s prescription or after doctor’s consultation. At Leo labs, we have experienced in-house doctors for your service.

It depends on the type of test and the equipment available in the labs. For the majority of tests, results can be obtained within 24 hours.

In most medical diagnostic labs, you don’t need to make a prior appointment. But we advise you to make a prior appointment, especially on weekends and other holidays.

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